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Centre d'Economie de l'Université de Paris Nord (CEPN)

Director of the CEPN : Philippe Batifoulier

Among research units in economics and management, the CEPN (UMR CNRS 7234) is one of a kind. Due to its unusual positioning, the CEPN nurtures pluralism regarding research objects and methods. Composed of 60 researchers, professors and associate professors, and 80 PhD students, the CEPN is a member of various national and international networks, contributes to several Labex and is involved in academic training. A civic-conscious research structure with an outstanding capacity to foster public debate, the CEPN aims at responding to social demands on many subjects.

A reference research unit for the study of the evolution of capitalisms, the CEPN draws from a large array of theoretical approaches: post-Keynesian, regulationist, Marxist, conventionalist approaches, critical and historical approaches to management. These approaches call in many tools from political and social economy to micro-econometrics, and from financial mathematics to corporate management.

The carried-out studies concern a wide spectrum ranging from structural analysis of present-day economies to the diverse ways and means of organizational management. Among priority subjects are the analyses of economic crises, inequalities, financialization, globalization and the evolution of employment conditions. Another important subject is commodification, with a focus upon the extension of property rights on knowledge and on intangible assets, which leads to a state-of-the-art reflection upon innovation and patents, commons and science.

The CEPN also develops an in-depth reflection on corporate governance and management processes: global value chains, organizations’ social responsibility, new public management, strategic forecasting.

This research unfolds in various fields: healthcare and aging, culture and the digital, development and migrations, environment and territories, higher education and knowledge appropriation.

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